Sm Stainless                      $ 125.00             
 Med Stainless                    $ 145.00
 Lg Stainless                       $ 195.00
 Lg  Aluminum w/ handles   $ 175.00
 Pressure/ Vac                     $ 250.00

                        Custom Sizes      Call for information


It is with the utmost importance to make our products superior to competition and to offer customer service un-matched in the industry, to that end we offer the only lifetime guaranteed vacuum chamber in the industry* 

* Minus abuse, seals and gaskets


Gator Venom Stabilizing Resin

is a specially formulated two-part thermo setting resin designed for the stabilization of all types of materials.

Gator Venom Resin is a result of ongoing research and development efforts by our in-house Engineers and Chemist to provide users with a superior stabilizing resin with outstanding properties.

The low viscosity of Gator Venom Stabilizing Resin ensures deep penetration with lower stabilizing cost per stabilized piece. Because Gator Venom is not re-packaged like other stabilizing products available to the custom craftsman, with proper storage and care, longer shelf life is assured.

Gator Venom provides the most economical resins, vacuum chambers and support products in the industry.                     

Everything you need for running your own stabilizing system.


Gator Venom Resin  1 Gallon Kit       $87.00 inc S&H
Gator Venom Resin 1/2 Gallon Kit     $55.00 inc S&H
Gator Venom Resin  32 oz Kit            $39.00 inc S&H
Gator Venom Resin  16 oz Kit            $16.50 inc S&H